To obtain high-nutrient produce, it is important that the nutritional needs of farm animals are met. We are your most reliable partner in meeting the needs of your farm animals. It is our commitment to help you produce most valuable product, in the highest quality, and at the lowest cost. For decades, our pelleting machines have been applied successfully for compacting organic products of different particle size, moisture contents, and bulk densities. Also, they are particularly appropriate for products which are difficult to pellet.

The product is pressed through a die by pan grinder rollers and then cut to the desire particle length by means of knives.

We are constantly developing our machine in order to improve their capacities and economic efficiency. 

The following products are mainly pelleted
1. Compound feed for animal species
2. Raw materials and mineral mixtures for the production of compound feed
3. By-products in flour and oil mills, malt factories, and other food factories.

Product Features:
1. The dies are produced by the latest automatic deep-hole gun drilling machines.
2. Driven pan grinder rollers are appropriate for products with extreme sliding properties
3. The roller bearings are provided with long-term lubrication and axial face seals
4. State-of-the-art machining centers are used for the production of spare and wear parts

Our feedmill machineries are as follows:

Proportioning and Conveying Screws Continuous Cellular Wheel Weighers Mixers Hammer Mills Hydrothermal Reactors
Annular Gap Expander Extruder Pelleting Presses Driers/Coolers Crumblers
Crushing Roller Mills Rotospray


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