Packaging and product presentation is important especially when it comes to consumer goods products. Together with you we design and develop your packaging solutions to give you not only product quality consistency but also cost efficency.

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers generally need to use some machines and technology that is able to pack the products quickly. Therefore, the industry is indeed rely on speed and accuracy as the key to the sustainability of the business. One of the tools that should be used is an Auger Filling Machine.

Auger Filling Machine is a machine that is capable of filling material into packaging with the proper amount and high speed. Auger filling machine has a form resembling a funnel that serves as a hole to fill material into packaging accurately. The product is stored in a vessel called a hopper and they will put a number of specified products into packaging.

Supported by a team of professional engineers, we will make detailed filling machine to suit your needs, so that it will increase the productivity and quality of your products.

Application: for the filling of rice, flour, powdered sugar, coffee powder, powdered herbs, herbs, etc.

Our Auger Filling Machine product features:
1. Simple, yet robust and durable.
2. Adjustable to various sizes of packaging.
3. Easy to operate

4. A high degree of accuracy 5. Filling and packing products with optimal

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Our Filling Machineries are as follows:

Auger Filler Automatic Rice Weighing & Packing Machine


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